Last Line Of Defense For Fossil Fuels #99summerdays #makethemcount // today I went to the #seidieroteLinie rally at the open cast mine #Hambach in the German #Rheinland where more than 3000 ppl were demanding #RWE, Europe’s biggest CO2 emitter, not to cross the red line. The red line is a fictional frontier along the old autobahn A4 and is preserving one last bit of the once huge Hambacher Forst.
While all those people formed a long, long line there just a few kilometers away climate activists blocked lignite infrastructure and put their bodies in the way coal trains and on roads in various acts of civil disobedience making it clear to RWE that it’s #endegelaende (until here, no further).
In total more than 6000 people came out for the biggest joint action on the European continent.
On my way back to Lünen I felt like drawing some of my memories and thoughts into this little sketch. It shows my fantasy of the people shutting down fossil fuels altogether. You see the RWE power plants in the background. A little closer stands a lignite excavator surrounded by “the last line of defense”. They people are moving forward towards the pit in absolutely overwhelming numbers. Police is no longer able to stop the protesters and collaborate with big money; they have to retreat or move out of the way. A #fossilfree & good tomorrow can be built on the base that “imperial energies” become a thing of the past.
The last couple days have proven that this is not unrealistic if politics are to push this topic further and not act. Join us!
What can you do?
1. Take a look at all the actions that took place today at the twitter hashtags: #endegelaende #KohleerSetzen #zuckerimtank and many more.
2. Share it with your friends & family.
3. Find a fossilfree group near you.
4. Ask me if you have any questions at
Together we will stop the fossil fuel industries and make a world for every being on earth.
We are unstoppable, another world is possible.