Not the same!

For the not familiar, there are the three major players of seventh generation video game consoles:

– the Sony Playstation 3

– the Nintendo Wii and

– the Microsoft XBOX 360

A video game designed for the Playstation 3 won’t run on Nintendo Wii, won’t run on the XBOX 360 and vice-versa a couple times. So, if I own a XBOX a Wii game doesn’t help me.

Now, these days marketers have great tools get into the consumer’s face when necessary. One is the basically unlimited cause virtual surface that a video game console generates on the consumers senses. 

A very simple example of how this can be used to fuel hype and in consequence sales for a particular item is the promotion for a video game:

So, let’s take a look at myself as an excited EA Sports FIFA series fan waiting for the FIFA Fußballweltmeisterschaft Südafrika 2010 (in short: the World Cup edition of the game). As soon as the demo is available, i download it. 

With the maximal amount of good will (I am a fan!) I tolerate or ignore bugs in the demo and get excited for the real game. Smart people at Microsoft linked my Gamer Profile to an e-mail account – my e-mail account. That way EA (famous Canadian video game house) can notify every user who downloads a demo when the real deal’s available. EA wants to sell, I want to buy. 

Long story short:

The e-mail to notify me eventually linked to an Amazon retail page for the game BUT for Wii.

I buy it. Amazon ships it. Gets delivered and I find out what happened when I am halfway into unwrapping.

Who’s to blame?