Zoff um „Charlie Hebdo“: Mitgründer erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen getöteten Chefredakteur

Zoff um „Charlie Hebdo“: Mitgründer erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen getöteten Chefredakteur

Never again should there be a labelling of terrorists as Islamists. How bout that?

Overheard on Twitter – @syedsharif16

Links zum Thema:

Wikipedia zu Islamismus http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamismus

Wikipedia zu Terrorismus http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorismus

In einer diesem Tweet folgenden Konveration “überhört”:

VIVE L’INDIVIDUALISME! – How to raise your voice for individualistic though and a personal standpoint and against generalization and prejudgment in the light of the Paris attacks

In the aftermath of the attack on the ’ Charlie Hebdo’ staff a wave of Facebook profile management took place. Millions of users wanted to show their condolence by putting the viral ‘Je suis Charlie’ instead a picture of themselves. 

As a diehard advocate of individualism in a world of mass trends and tech phasing I didn’t feel to comfortable with the latest hype though inspired by the best intentions.

I was looking for something that makes me look affected by the events but not de-personalized in my individual standpoint.

Here is how I did that:

1. Download and open the boldomatic app (availabe for Android OS and iOS)

2. enter ‚je suis’ + YOUR NAME

3. export image, upload to facebook, and set as profile picture

Other went by my example to express even more sophisticated and also quite different standpoints toward the Paris events.

For example some used this to express they were no big fan of the Charlie Hebdo stuff but are deeply affected by the events, some were keen to state that it’s us how make a difference.

I am happy to see your works and interpretations. Take care & stay individual.