My Easter Story:

Content is king; but what is a king without a household?

If your content has no way to spread, then it has no way to spread. No multiplication, no more.

I believe that content is king. I obey to King Concept and the underlying principles implied (here are some more):

1. [More] Users gather around relevant content, b/c it is useful to them.

2. [More] Relevant content is shared with peers.

3. Repeat [more]

But as more and more people get into the “content business” these principles of success begin to blur – relevant becomes redundant, content streams become spam. Or in the case of REWE, quality content becomes a ‘dead end’: 

Let’s take a look at the bunnies, actually the stuff between the bunnies. This is content by Germany’s second largest retailer. I found this on REWE’s facebook page and if you like it or not, these could actually be useful tips.

So (dear REWE online marketing people), you did a great job coming up with this series of old German household hints that have almost become forgotten. The creation/discovery of good content is a vital step towards good content marketing. 

And let’s assume I am a follower of the REWE facebook page. I will likely interested in everything food or things around the topic of foods. So this content makes sense.

Let’s assume the facebook post grabs my attention so much that I decide to click the link

So far, so good. But then: I get to the REWE homepage and I learn how I can find out easily if the eggs in my fridge are still good to go or no.

Let’s assume now that I get excited cause this hint is so awesome and I want to share it with my friends. Wait what?

REWE has no way to do that – this is a dead end.

We lost the great opportunity to use today’s technology and have this content spread on twitter or facebook…or google…I could also see this on Pinterest, by the way.

So to sum it up (hope you could follow my thought, even-though I picked a German example):

Recipe for good content marketing

1. Create good content – relevant to (at least some of) your key users/consumers

2. Plan where the traffic goes – clear channeling of traffic to reach the desired conversion, avoiding dead ends.

3. Turn on your traffic sources – communicate that you have good content

From a kids point of view…

…the MINI brand appearance is striking! Yesterday at the traffic lights, a two-year-old excitedly pointed out to her mama: “Mama, MINI car!”

So, MINI is doing some things right in placing the brand very deep and early in consumers’ world perception. The consistently “different to current” appearance and personality of the brand is acknowledged visually by the baby and reinforced thru the parents‘ linguistic education. Wow!

No matter what all has been said after the brands relaunch in 2001, the focus on the brand’s unique qualities and incorporation of those into the New MINI brand has successfully created a general perception around all ages that is – at least – a good differentiator.

What’s killing you?

What’s killing you?