Everybody’s so afraid of nuclear Iran: Reuters got shaky hands over that kind of news they posted it twice.

Congrats to Iran! Now, it’s time to prove the peacefulness of the Iranian nuclear project.

Or time for Israel to prove it’s position as the number one aggressor in the region.

And maybe time to call me naive…

What about the green revolution?

If it’s true that Twitter and Facebook were the hide-outs and places to plan and organize the core of the resistance last year what’s going on with the traffic to those pages now? Now, rates are stalling on a very low level after Iranian authorities banned Twitter and Facebook about a year ago in an effort to shut down what could have been a revolution.

Traffic rates for both websites dropped to around 10 percent of the peak numbers from June/Juli 2009 which accounts for the few users who visit the pages on detours.

What’s next?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” (JFK)