Selling today according to Ogilvy:

Much has changed, but one thing: you have to deliver a valuable product. If you don’t consequences are even harsher than in the past – “drawn and quartered online!”

Samba in Mettmann

Parking is made more easy and convenient in Mettmann a German “county capital” near Düsseldorf: just park your machine where appropriate instead of feeding a clock or buying a ticket you can send a TXT with ‘your license tag’,30’ to 831191 if you want to park your car for an hour (first 30 minutes are free of charge). Within seconds you receive a confirmation TXT summing up the transaction.

Another quiet useful gimmick: when it’s 10 minutes before your parking time’s running out you’ll get a notification so you can purchase some additional time if needed.

Works with the three major wireless network provisers T-Mobile, Vodafone, and E-plus.

Just one great example of a quite value-adding application of mobile telephony.