Shantel // EastWest: Giving the Lost Generation a Face and a Voice
“Everybody’s talking ABOUT Greece – the chattering classes, the political parties, the media, the cafes and bars are all abuzz. But are we talking WITH the people in Greece? Are we listening to what THEY are saying? „THE Greeks“ – an epithet easily spoken, and all too easily couched in prejudice, stereotype and patronizing advice. But does that point the finger clearly at those esponsible for economic mismanagement, nepotism and cronyism – or does it simply blanket an entire nation in collective guilt?
The credit crunch jeopardizing all of us and all of our values has hit the younger generation hardest. Yet the young people of southern Europe, betrayed and robbed of their future, if they are mentioned in the mainstream media at all, are present only as a statistic (youth unemployment). They have no voice, no face, and little or no power.”

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