FIAT back in the U.S.

FIAT back in the U.S.

Kinda sad no one’s really talking about hockey these days. Congrats to the….umm…no, it’s gone. The sport’s more popular than before the 2004-2005 season break, would you have guessed?

An athletic challenge of another kind is currently causing some hype:

MINI vs. Porsche.

Jim McDowell, former Porsche guy now MINI is challenging the Germans for a duel: 

a MINI Cooper S vs. a regular 911

There’s a lot of further details and discussion of supporters of both sides on the Facebook page of MINI USA. Sign the petition anyways cause in any case this will be fun to watch.

Time till race day: 11 days 16 hrs 30 mins

A cute little campaign for the MINI community who will love this kind of boldness. And if I may add just 5 cents more: unless the MINI S gets a secret tune-up, this race is lost. It’s been done before…