Apple Disenchanted? It is day one after the WWDC and there is no Apple AT ALL on the frontpage. Are they missing the big news? Or is Apple’s conference lacking the relevance for Mashable’s Content Stream?

Strong words from Techcrunch:

there’s no substitute for good taste, and there’s no need for insecurity. Design is back at Apple.

Mavericks, iOS7, and iTunes radio are in the news – enough for Apple’s to prove it’s innovative or enough to prove it’s the prettiest of all copycatss out there?

More on the mash-up that is OS7:

Here’s a big one: Apple integrates a flashlight function into their mobile OS. Goodbye to over one thousand third-party apps that did more or less that (more on topic: Those have to get back to their business plans now.

Still, I am exited to see how the new OS will play out and if Apple gets away without announcing a new iPhone.