How to integrate Google’s Chrome app onto your iPhone

Amazed by the Chrome iPhone app – it’s performance & extras – made me think and investigate ways to have it accessible and link with my other apps on the iPhone. With one word INTEGRATION is what I am looking for. Here’s a very simple but effective way I used to encorporate the Chrome app ( into my iPhone workflow.

If you are somewhat like me, you like smart over ready-installed for vour iPhone apps. And so it’s somewhat natural for you to always be on the look-out for better options and solutions for all kinds of you typical smartphone applications, e.g. your browser, calendar, social media management, etc.

I’ve noticed that even-though I do not just browse on my iPhone the way I might just browse on the desktop browser, I still would find it useful to carry my visited webpages plus bookmarks plus my Chrome experience in my pocket via my iPhone. Additionally in the recent years, month, weeks, and days in particular, we have seen a tendency/trend/necessity for service providers to link screens (desktop/smartphone/tablet/web app).

So for my desktop/laptop browsing needs I discovered a while back that Google Chrome offers me the best clowd-ish solution for linking my different devices (computer at work, laptop, mobile workplace anywhere…well anywhere needs to run chrome).

As a result I was quite pleased to hear about the release of a Chrome app (MASHABLE REVIEW:, downloaded it, and it is indeed the better alternative to the ready-installed Safari Browser that Apple is offers you on the iPhone.

Problem: No iPhone integration for chrome, makes Safari the “lucky” app that opens links from your email, instant messaging, or the networks.

If you are somewhat like me, you like to work with the Google search app and have it integrated in your workflow. Instead of browsing to an URL I go thru Google search app and see relevant content like pictures, news and other connections to that URL. Very useful!

Now – the Google Search app is the key to a better and as of today the only way of iPhone integration for the Chrome app. Here’s how (assuming Chrome app’s installed on your iPhone):

1. Install Google Search (update to current version

2. Search subject or URL in Google Search

3. Open search result of interest (will open in Google Search app’s browser)

4. Click on the share icon in the navigation bar

5. Chose ‘Open in Chrome’

6. DONE!

Since your Google Search app is located where you can reach it fast and handy, your Chrome app is now situated just around the corner. Still a long way to go towards ‚full integration’ but a very useful work-around for a lot of your browser applications.

Once you are in the Chrome app, you can work with your bookmarks and visited pages from all your Chrome devices. Through your Google account everything is right where it belongs.

Happy to hear your work-arounds…

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